A partnership, not a purchase.

Why do customers choose Matrix? And why do they stay with us? In some ways, the relationship with your security provider is even more important than their products – after all, your security needs are going to evolve, and you want a partner you can count on.

Here’s why our customers trust Matrix:

  • A consultative model. We know physical security – it’s our only business. Customers count on us for our advice and recommendations.
  • One team, one company. Security is an increasingly complex world. Each customer works with a team focused exclusively on security and up to speed with your industry.
  • Intelligent, practical hardware and software design. Every product we develop is designed to solve a “real-world” problem. Our engineers are specialists in security and create products because they are needed, not because they are possible.
  • Integration with other industry leaders. Matrix’s open platform products are designed for easy integration. We adhere to the latest standards, “future-proofing” our products.
  • Reliability. No security system can afford downtime. As our customers will tell you, our products deliver proven, reliable performance, year after year.
  • Service you can count on. Our technical team is available, trustworthy and solutions-oriented. You’ll appreciate Matrix just as much in ten years as you do when you choose us.

Ultimately, it comes down to one thing – people. Our team is passionate about security. We know it is crucial to your organization, even as it operates behind the scenes. Our people have knowledge, determination and hands-on expertise you can trust.

Many of our best-known customers have been with us for decades – because they know they can count on Matrix to keep them safe.

Letter from Dave

Dave Barnard


As you explore our new website, you’ll find much information about Matrix – our products, our customers and partners, our solutions.

But I’d like to tell you a story.

Not long ago, one of our customers had a technical issue with their access control system. Maybe that’s a strange thing to reveal here, but we both know – it happens.

But here’s what doesn’t always happen – because of the intelligent design of their Matrix system, security was restored in less than one second.

This is the essence of Matrix. Our solutions are designed to deliver precisely the security your organization needs.

That’s why organizations large and small have trusted us for more than three decades. They trust our products. They trust our solutions. But mostly, they trust our people to keep them secure.

I spoke to a customer recently who finished the call by telling me, “This right here is why I’ll always be your customer … I doubt I’d be able to call up the General Manager of (large international conglomerate).”

Matrix is, and will always be, focused exclusively on security. It’s a complicated, ever-evolving field that is mission-critical to many organizations. And it’s too important to leave to non-specialists.

To me, the best way to judge a company is by its customers. Matrix works with many “brand-name” leaders in the industries we serve. These top organizations wouldn’t risk their reputation (or their safety) with a security partner they couldn’t trust.

We’d welcome the opportunity to show you how we can make your organization more secure.


David W Barnard
General Manager, Matrix Systems

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