Security Management Solutions : Overview

People, property, and information are your greatest assets – why trust them to anyone but the best? At Matrix Systems, our reputation is grounded in cutting-edge access control and security management technologies. But those are just the beginning. From innovative partnerships to top-tier sales, implementation, and service, it’s easy to sense the Matrix difference…a difference rooted in over forty years as industry leaders in security systems management.
Simply put, Matrix knows security management. And we’re known for our turnkey, IP network-ready security network solutions for leaders in transportation, commercial, education, government, healthcare, and industry.

Flexible, scalable, and simple, Matrix security management ensures total physical security for organizations large and small. Our customized access control solutions scale to fit your organization’s needs. We also provide unparalleled support for all of our products; dealers and end users can rest assured that our knowledgeable technical team will be there at every step. So get to know Matrix – an industry leader that delivers people, products, and services to safeguard your assets for years to come.
Identity Management
With Matrix hardware and software, you can monitor employees and visitors, control access to sensitive areas and adapt quickly to rapid turnover.
Access Control
Secure your perimeters and internal security zones, through our dependable, proven access control technology and video monitoring.
Comprehensive Solutions
Enable ongoing monitoring, rapid response to threats and exceptional reliability for uninterrupted coverage.
Built for Growth
Because Matrix is committed to an open-platform approach and adheres to the latest and most rigorous standards, we can integrate with existing hardware and scale as your business grows.
Real-world Engineering
Security issues are varied and dynamic, from employee turnover to emerging threats. Matrix solutions are fully integrated for fast installation, intuitive monitoring and flexible deployment.
Proven Expertise
With a laser focus on physical security, Matrix has been designing, building, installing, upgrading and servicing commercial and industrial solutions for more than three decades.
Access Control
You have dozens or hundreds of buildings, each with its own security demands. Matrix offers a comprehensive array of access control solutions to align with the needs of each department and/or facility.
Tens of thousands of people, from residents to visitors. A campus that never sleeps. Matrix hardware and software let you observe, monitor and anticipate potential security threats.
New students, staff and facilities bring changing security demands. Matrix’s open-platform approach, commitment to scalability and compliance with the latest standards enable you to adapt and grow.
Legacy Integration
Many government entities have existing, functional security systems. Matrix can integrate new technology as needed, while preserving legacy systems to reduce expenses.
Innovative Technology
When the most advanced, most effective security is required, Matrix can deploy the latest biometrics, wireless technology and cutting-edge software for the most demanding operations.
Responsive Service
Continuous security operation is critical. Matrix technology can respond instantly to any interruption, and our locally based support teams are experienced and highly trained.
For a healthcare facility, you need exactly the right level of security for a variety of installations. Matrix offers a broad array of solutions, all based on an open platform and adhering to the latest standards.
Mistakes are expensive. Facilities operate 24/7. Interruptions are unacceptable. Matrix has been designing, installing and servicing healthcare physical security systems for more than three decades.
Easy Operation
The stakes are high. Facilities change. Personnel and staffing are ongoing challenges. That’s why Matrix solutions are turnkey – quick to install and simple to learn and use.

Leading Enterprises Count on Matrix

Judge us by the company we keep. Our customers include some of the leading organizations in their respective industries, which tells you a lot about Matrix.

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