Solutions: Senior Living

Senior Living facilities face unique security challenges. Our solutions help you meet these challenges and protect your residents, employees, and visitors through a central platform that monitors and tracks system events.
Solutions: Senior Living

Security issues in Senior Living

  • Many doors. There are many different types of doors to control, from perimeter doors, to interior doors and common areas, and supply drawers & cabinets. You need a single system that can manage them all.
  • Mechanical locks. Mechanical locks & keys can be difficult for older hands to maneuver. And they’re expensive to re-key for new residents or when keys are lost.
  • Installation costs. Installing traditional card readers on all of your door openings may be cost-prohibitive.
  • Wandering residents. Ensuring that wandering residents stay out of the wrong rooms is important to protect residents’ privacy and their belongings.
  • Emergency response. Some security decisions need to be made quickly, and you need the information that can help improve your response time.
  • Identifying cardholders. Identifying employees, residents, volunteers, and visitors, and managing their cardholder data, can be overwhelming.

PremiSys provides

  • A single platform to manage all types of doors in your facility
  • Hardwired readers & wireless lock options
  • Data that monitors and tracks system events
  • Automated schedule to lock/unlock specific doors
  • Built-in ID badge designer & credential manager