Solutions: Healthcare

Our customers include some of the most prestigious and highest profile providers in the world. They count on our experience, expertise and intelligent, practical solutions.
Solutions: Healthcare

Security issues in healthcare

  • Wide range of requirements. From securing prescription drugs to protecting patient records, demands vary widely.
  • High stakes. Security is mission-critical. A breach can be expensive, destroy reputations, even cost lives.
  • Expansion and growth. Acquisitions mean larger organizations, repurposing of existing facilities and many changes.
  • Balance security with access. Medical facilities must be both safe and inviting to the public.
  • 24/7 operation. You’re busy at all times, day and night, weekends and holidays, even during emergencies that would close other facilities.
  • Campus environment. Some organizations have many buildings spread out over vast acreage, increasing the security challenges.

Matrix provides

  • Flexible, comprehensive solutions
  • Responsive, effective service and support
  • Easy to use access control technology
  • Integrated video surveillance

Leading enterprises count on Matrix

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