Access Control

PremiSys® Access Control: Trusted Security


PremiSys does more than simply lock and unlock doors. It is a fully networked solution that allows you to manage access to all door openings throughout your facility using a single platform to create a complex solution to protect your people & property.

A single platform does it all!

An integrated security platform is at the heart of PremiSys access control. It integrates with security components from many leading manufacturers to provide you with a central platform to monitor and track system events. This gives you improved security, faster response time, and more information to make important security decisions.

Moreover, PremiSys is designed to grow with you as your needs change.

– Ideal for small buildings up to a complex network of facilities around the world.
– Use multiple connectivity options to handle your unique installation needs.
– Open-platform access control hardware

Browser-based convenience

The PremiSys cardholder web client combines an intuitive design with browser-based convenience to increase efficiency and reduce installation costs. There's no need to have a dedicated PC for PremiSys cardholder management.

Take Cardholder Enrollment “On the Road”

It’s never been easier to add new cardholders or update existing records while also saving valuable employee time and productivity. Because it can be accessed from any desktop or laptop, the PremiSys cardholder web client makes it easy to take photos of employees at remote sites, without having them leave their workstations.

View Cardholder Activity

Quickly view the last time a cardholder was active. The “last active” information is visible in the Cardholder Directory without generating a transaction report.

Extend access control beyond the front door

Wireless locks are an affordable way to secure every door in your facility using one credential and one access control platform. In addition to providing advanced door control for interior doors, common areas, and sensitive spaces, wireless locks are an easy way to transition from mechanical keys to electronic credentials.

The benefits of wireless locks

Affordability – Installing a wireless lock can cost as little as 1/3 of the price of installing a traditional hardwired card reader.

One Platform. One Credential – Manage your entire facility — from perimeter doors to internal supply closets — with a single access control platform. Cardholders won’t require multiple credentials.

Easy to Install & Service – Unlike hardwired readers, which can require special doors and tricky installation, many wireless door locks can be installed in standard cylindrical door holes in just minutes.

“No Tour” Functionality – PremiSys gives you complete control over your Schlage “no-tour” locks using a mobile device, and reduces installation costs.

Not Just for Doors – With wireless locks, you can expand your access control system beyond building doors. Wireless locks can control access to anything you need to secure, such as:

– Pharmacy carts & cabinets
– Locker doors
– Supply drawers & cabinets
– Server cabinets


Security at your fingertips!

The PremiSys mobile app combines the power of PremiSys access control with the convenience of a mobile app. It provides users with the freedom to remotely manage their access control and badging systems from a smartphone or iPad.

PremiSys Mobile for Access Control

With PremiSys Mobile for access control, you can remotely manage your organization’s daily security activities from your smartphone or iPad. Additionally, you can instantly lock down your building from anywhere, 24/7.

– Lock or unlock an individual door or groups of doors
– Deactivate cardholder records to deny building access
– Track user activity including when mobile app users sign in or out of the app
– Run reports, acknowledge alarms, and more

PremiSys Mobile for ID Badging

The PremiSys mobile app for badging turns your mobile device into a mobile badging enrollment station. You can save time and productivity for your organization by taking employee photos and generating ID cards without employees leaving their workstations.

– Take and upload cardholder photos
– Add new cardholder records
– Print ID cards

Pinpoint Exact Locations of Door Alarms

Import your building map into PremiSys to receive a visual alert when there's an alarm or other system event. By clicking on the alarm icon, you can drill down to find the exact location of the alarm across multiple locations.

Enforce health screenings

Leverage the power of PremiSys access control to efficiently direct the flow of employees and visitors through screening checkpoints. Personnel must first scan their credentials in the designed check-in reader before they can pass through other card readers in the facility.

– Designate one or multiple readers as Check-In Readers
– Create daily screenings with customizable expiration periods (e.g. 24 hours)
– Easily exclude cardholders or cardholder groups who are not required to check in
– Identify cardholders who attempt door access before “checking in,” unless exempted

Get real-time system insights

- Identify your facility's security risk level
- Find vulnerable areas of your facility
- Instantly spot hardware problems
- Report on trends for alarm conditions
- Evaluate cardholder activity
- Analyze system traffic flow
- Identify and deactivate unused cards

The PremiSys Dashboard provides the information you need to make critical decisions about your facility’s security. It gives you a quick view into your security system to easily identify potential risks, uncover hardware problems, report on alarm and cardholder activities, analyze traffic flow, and view and deactivate unused cards.

Full-featured badging software

PremiSys combines credential management with a powerful ID card designer, PremiSys ID Pro. It offers built-in security features that allow you to restrict the issuing of cards to authorized users. The optional mobile app turns your mobile device into a badging enrollment station.

Data Import Utility with Scheduler

Connect and import data from existing databases: SQL, MS Access, delimited text file. Accessing databases in real time allows you to schedule routine imports by the minute, hour, day, week, etc. During scheduled updates, PremiSys ID Pro will recognize and automatically update changes made in databases.

User-Definable Security Profiles

Specify time period software rights to individual users by defining users into categorical groups.

Screen Logic Capabilities

Individual record data may trigger the display of screen images or graphics to provide instant visual alerts.

Cardholder Filtering

Enhance the security of your system by controlling specific cardholder views through filter user groups. When the operator logs in, the system displays the cardholder list based on the defined filter so they can see only the information assigned to them.

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