Access Control

Matrix Security System Products: Integrated Solutions

As a leader in enterprise security, Matrix works with world-class partners to provide a range of solutions. As with all Matrix products and solutions, you get the kind of product quality, support and service that comes with choosing a leader dedicated exclusively to enterprise security.

Biometrics: Security you are born with

Your fingerprints. Your retina. The geometry of your face. These are all unique to every individual. Readers and scanners for human biometrics are cutting-edge solutions incorporating the most advanced technology available today.
The ultimate in security today

Biometric systems “read” unique personal biological markers, making these systems virtually impossible to fool. The designated person must be present or access will be denied. Period.

An integrated solution

While biometrics represent the likely future of access control, not every application demands such a cutting edge solution. Matrix can integrate biometric components with existing and/or complementary systems for seamless operation.

Stop issuing and replacing key cards

Not only are biometrics virtually foolproof and non-transferable, they are never forgotten at home, lost or destroyed. You also save the time and expense of issuance, recordkeeping and replacement.

Options to meet every need

Certain solutions are best suited to particular applications. Matrix works with a number of partners to ensure that we have the right solution for you – all integrated into a system managed by powerful yet simple Frontier software.

Flexible, powerful, proven

Matrix is 100% dedicated to security. So we know the threats you face, the demands you deal with, the pressures you confront. We are US-based and can provide the kind of responsive, agile service that helps you sleep at night.

Video Management: Security you can see… and show

Security is more than just watching something happen. You want to create alarms for suspicious activity, analyze footage at a later date, maintain a record of visual proof, manage and access camera output. For that, you need a comprehensive Matrix system.
Comprehensive solutions

Matrix works with our partners to offer fully integrated hardware and software systems that display, capture, play back and store security footage.

More than just cameras

Our video systems include monitors, recording equipment, video storage, alarm management tools, playback systems and analytic hardware and software. All integrated with our easy-to-use, proven Frontier access control software.

A commitment to our customers

Unlike other providers, Matrix is 100% dedicated to enterprise security. Our service is responsive and U.S.-based, and we’ve been chosen by some of the top organizations in their industries to protect against today’s greatest security threats … and those on the horizon in the future.

Visitor management: security plus efficiency

Effective visitor management is fundamental to the security of every facility. But Matrix’s comprehensive, integrated solutions balance security with maintaining efficient business operations for the organization.
A wide range of solutions

Matrix Systems allow you to screen and track visitors, print badges, generate reports, and track time and attendance, all integrated with your access control system.

Fast, efficient, professional

Matrix helps you streamline registration for maximum efficiency. Print professional-quality visitor badges, create comprehensive reports, and even offer self-registration.

Integrated systems improve performance

We work with top providers such as EasyLobby and Sisco FAST-PASS, all fully integrated for maximum efficiency.

Reliability and service you can trust

Nothing is more important than reliability. Matrix products have proven dependable in the field, and our service is responsive and accountable. That’s why so many leading facilities choose Matrix solutions.

Practical wireless solutions for challenging installations

Securing remote sites or an expansive campus are major challenges for traditional hard- wired access control systems. For situations like these, Matrix offers cutting-edge wireless systems.
Integrated with your system

Our wireless solutions are fully integrated into your wired access control system, simplifying installation, monitoring and reporting.

Secure encryption

Security is even more important with wireless solutions. Matrix systems offer fully encrypted communication with your Matrix server.

Working with leading partners

We work with industry leader ClearSite Communications for wireless mesh equipment, and Schlage for durable and reliable AD-Series wireless locks.

Service when you need it

When it comes to security, you need a partner you can count on. Matrix has a proud reputation for reliable, efficient, responsive service. We are here when you need us.

Identity Management solutions you can count on… every day

Security professionals understandably focus on major events, but you still need daily tracking of employees. ImageWorks from Frontier is a soup-to-nuts system for producing professional, effective photo ID badges.
A wide range of solutions

Matrix Systems allow you to screen and track visitors, print badges, generate reports, and track time and attendance, all integrated with your access control system.

A comprehensive solution

ImageWorks includes fully integrated hardware and software, along with camera and accessories and printers that can cut and laminate the badge.


ImageWorks produces vivid color ID badges, customizable to your needs. You can make simple changes as your needs evolve, or even create your own designs.

Flexible options

A single ImageWorks system can produce magnetic stripe, proximity or multiple technology cards.

Easy and efficient

Single data entry reduces errors and increases throughput. Setup is easy, and there are no manual steps for finish work.

Leading Enterprises Count on Matrix

Judge us by the company we keep. Our customers include some of the leading organizations in their respective industries, which tells you a lot about Matrix.