Enterprise Access Control and Video Surveillance

You feel secure because you are secure.

Security threats today are dynamic, evolving, unpredictable.

That’s why top security-conscious enterprises count on Matrix.

Our products are reliable and practical, our solutions are innovative and comprehensive, and our knowledgeable, U.S.-based team is 100% dedicated to access control and video.

Matrix helps you lock down your most critical areas against unauthorized access.

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Solutions for the Most Challenging Industries

“WellStar Health Systems has partnered with Matrix since 1986. Now, 32 years and 2,000 card readers later, we have more confidence than ever in their people, their products and their commitment to innovate ... Matrix checks all of the boxes as a technology provider and is a valued partner.”

Pete Zamaria, Security Technology
WellStar Health Systems
Commercial & Industrial
“Usually, you think ‘access control is access control,’ but not with Matrix Frontier. We can update data in batches, which saves us hours of time. We can auto-update and email extensive reports daily, weekly and monthly, another time-saver. Plus, their support is outstanding. They are always ready to assist us with any questions, and they are always open to our requests when we throw them curveballs.

Bottom line, Matrix helps my department be more efficient, and thus reduces hours and cost.”

Matt Barnett, CPP
A Fortune 500 Insurance Provider

Leading Enterprises Count on Matrix

Judge us by the company we keep. Our customers include some of the leading organizations in their respective industries, which tells you a lot about Matrix.


Can Matrix help your business succeed?
Answer these 4 questions.

Matrix works with dedicated, high-quality VARs to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers. If you answer “yes” to these qualifying questions, we look forward to speaking with you.

  1. Matrix is an enterprise security provider.
    Does your organization deliver enterprise-wide low voltage security solutions?
  2. Matrix works closely with our VARs to solve our end users’ most vital security challenges.
    Is a true partnership that includes solid product margins consistent with your company’s goals and capabilities?
  3. Matrix has ambitious plans for expansion and development.
    Are you looking to grow aggressively and explore opportunities for RMR expansion?
  4. Matrix customers demand comprehensive, 24/7 support.
    Does your company provide this level of service?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please email or call us at (800-562-8749 x 2) to explore a working relationship.